Lazaro Cardenas

The major highway that cuts East-West through Guadalajara also has some major artwork underneath it’s bridges.  A couple of years ago, the government sponsored a graffiti murals before the start of the Pan-American games hosted by GDL.  They decided some nice murals would look better than the dinginess of an overpass.  Today, this is a great place to look at murals, but have your wits about you, lots of drug deals happen here and that brings shadiness.


83 thoughts on “Lazaro Cardenas

  1. What beautiful art! I love finding “graffiti” while out and about, especially in my town. It feels like a secret treasure where an artist set to transforming the mundane into something beautiful.

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  2. Oh wow! There are some that I’d never seen, but there are some that not exist anymore 😦 but, appears another drawings! If you want I can send you pictures ^^

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  3. Beautiful street art.. In some countries it’s banned, while In some countries it’s very popular…
    I just feel that each of these art pieces have a deep meaning and great efforts taken to make it..

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